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Tomato and Basil Soup

This creamy tomato soup with its vibrant colour, originates in Tuscany. It is often served as a very thick almost stew-like soup,

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Chicken Liver Pate http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/433-chicken-liver-pate http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/433-chicken-liver-pate
Chicken Liver Pate

Frozen chicken liver is available in most supermarkets and is handy as a 'store cupboard' ingredient if you're wondering what to prepare either midweek or at the weekend.

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Peanut Butter Fudge http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/430-peanut-butter-fudge http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/430-peanut-butter-fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge

The great thing about making fudge at home is that you can control the amount of sugar in the recipe.

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Griddled Chicken in Mushroom and Black Pepper Sauce http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/428-griddled-chicken-in-mushroom-and-black-pepper-sauce http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/428-griddled-chicken-in-mushroom-and-black-pepper-sauce
Griddled Chicken in Mushroom and Black Pepper Sauce

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Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/401-vegetarian-spaghetti-bolognese http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/401-vegetarian-spaghetti-bolognese
Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese

Generally Spaghetti Bolognese is prepared with a sauce that is meat based known as a ragu. The sauce comes from Bologna in Northern Italy.

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Cardamom & Littlepod Vanilla Cookies http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/387-cardamom-littlepod-vanilla-cookies http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/387-cardamom-littlepod-vanilla-cookies
Cardamom & Littlepod Vanilla Cookies

This recipe adds that lovely touch to a spicy sweet biscuit. Vanilla enlivens other spices in Indian dishes. It rounds out the cardamom in this recipe which is in Littlepod's new book.

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Simple Scones http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/364-simple-scones http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/364-simple-scones
Simple Scones

This is a fabulous scone recipe that uses no sugar whatsoever, the gentle sweetness comes from the vanilla.

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Tomato and Spinach Pasta Bake http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/358-tomato-and-spinach-pasta-bake http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/358-tomato-and-spinach-pasta-bake
Tomato and Spinach Pasta Bake

If you fancy something warm and indulgent yet full of fresh flavours, this is a simple dish assembling fresh tomatoes and spinach leaves together in one dish.

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Baked Beans Balti http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/313-baked-beans-balti http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/313-baked-beans-balti
Baked Beans Balti

When my mother and father eloped to Britain in the late sixties, they both embraced British culture at a time when Britain was swinging. She came across Baked Beans and used to combine Indian spices to make a quick lunchtime snack for me and my brother when we were kids.

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Citrus Fruit Salad http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/306-citrus-fruit-salad http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/306-citrus-fruit-salad
Citrus Fruit Salad

This is a tangy yet creamy salad that makes the most of any apples and oranges which could be lying in the fruit bowl.

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Focaccia http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/303-focaccia http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/303-focaccia

This flat salty bread is produced all over Italy with a number of variations. It is usually eaten warm as a midmorning snack, and you’re lucky if you manage to find it in any bakery after midday.

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Cranachan http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/245-cranachan http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/245-cranachan

Traditionally Cranachan (apparently pronounced Krana-can) is a Scottish dish that is generally made with local or seasonal ingredients. This indulgent dessert used to be eaten during the time of harvest.

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Chocolate Tea Cake with Fruit and Cinnamon http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/244-chocolate-tea-cake-with-fruit-and-cinnamon http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/244-chocolate-tea-cake-with-fruit-and-cinnamon

This is a spicy cake treat to cheer up any gloomy day. What I like about this recipe is that you don’t have to do much mixing and the cake tastes delicious with the combination of cinnamon and chocolate.

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Chilled Chocolate Slice http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/241-chilled-chocolate-slice http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/241-chilled-chocolate-slice

Good chocolate should generally contain at least 50 percent cocoa solids. This should be mentioned on the wrapper. The cocoa solids in chocolate include the cocoa butter along with other ingredients such as flavourings, lecithin, sugar, milk and vanilla.

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Cauliflower Cheese http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/155-cauliflower-cheese http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/155-cauliflower-cheese

This is one of the recipes that my mum used to make when we were kids. I would come home from school and in order to encourage me to eat veg, she would come up with this tasty version including cumin and green chilli.

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Mushroom and Iceberg Lettuce salad http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/154-mushroom-and-iceberg-lettuce-salad http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/154-mushroom-and-iceberg-lettuce-salad

During the summer months, you don't always have to have a bowl of cereal or an English breakfast every morning to kickstart the day. This recipe felt like an all round breakfast

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Vegetarian Shepherds Pie http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/89-vegetarian-shepherds-pie http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/89-vegetarian-shepherds-pie
Vegetarian Shepherds Pie

This is a hearty dish which tastes wholesome and spicy. Make sure you soak the mince in hot water for ten minutes,

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Chocolate Cup Cakes with Cinnamon and Stout http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/88-chocolate-cup-cakes-with-cinnamon-and-stout http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/88-chocolate-cup-cakes-with-cinnamon-and-stout
Chocolate Cup Cakes with Cinnamon and Stout

I've been doing a bit of recipe testing lately and have come up with an interesting combination of British stout with a hint of cinnamon spice.

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Potato Wedges with Chilli Flakes http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/87-potato-wedges-with-chilli-flakes http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/87-potato-wedges-with-chilli-flakes
Potato Wedges with Chilli Flakes

Cooking for the guests at the British High Commission appeared to be a daunting task but it was comforting to know that everyone loved 'naughty' foods such as these potato wedges with a smattering of chilli.

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Desi Pasta http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/86-desi-pasta http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/86-desi-pasta
Desi Pasta

Manju's Spicy Pasta Sauce with penne (Desi Pasta)
While I was filming the forty part series for NDTV Goodtimes - all about making British and other European cuisines, I noticed that there were many types of pasta on sale in the shops indicating that cooking pasta has become a popular pastime.

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Masala Shepherds Pie http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/85-masala-shepherds-pie http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/85-masala-shepherds-pie
Masala Shepherds Pie

Masala Shepherds Pie

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Spicy Tuna Fishcakes http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/84-spicy-tuna-fishcakes http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/84-spicy-tuna-fishcakes

Spicy tuna Fishcakes

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Smoked Salmon with Chilli and Tomato Scrambled Eggs - Anda Bhurji http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/83-smoked-salmon-with-chilli-and-tomato-scrambled-eggs-anda-bhurji http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/83-smoked-salmon-with-chilli-and-tomato-scrambled-eggs-anda-bhurji
Smoked Salmon with Chilli and Tomato Scrambled Eggs - Anda Bhurji

What better way to start the New Year than with an indulgent breakfast combining spicy and smoky flavours. Indians call scrambled eggs, anda bhurji and often add fresh green coriander leaves to their mixture.

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Houmous http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/82-houmous http://www.manjumalhi.com/all-recipes/western-recipes/82-houmous

There are many versions of houmous available in stores, but nothing beats a homemade version of his gorgeous dip which can be freshly prepared and stored in an airtight container for 2 days in the fridge.

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