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Wedding Tipples with a touch of Eastern Promise

As the weather starts to warm up, there’s no better way of giving your wedding beverages a fresh appeal than using a few simple yet effective tricks.

Presenting a signature cocktail to your guests is one way of making the occasion a memorable one. Keep them refreshing and light to reflect the spring season. Adding a personal touch to drinks can make boring beverages look flash and expensive. Slices of fruit or whole raspberries or strawberries or even fresh mint leaves in the glass will jazz up your day. Making the colours of the drinks to match the theme of your wedding is a great way to coordinate the whole event.

No wedding celebration is complete without champagne. But if you are daunted by the price of bubbly, shop around and test out a selection in advance before you make a decision. Suppliers are more than happy to assist you to get the right type of fizz for your spring wedding.

The glass you serve your beverages in, is as important as the drink itself. Even fluted glasses for non-alcoholic drinks will give the feeling of decadence to a simple serving of orange juice.

Presentation ideas for cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Create a Mango Bellini - Just replace the peach puree with some sweet Alphonso mango mixed with sparkling wine. There is a tinned variety of mango pulp which works equally well.

You can’t go wrong with a spring wedding punch with flavours of pineapple and plenty of champagne. It makes a change to the traditional Bucks Fizz.

Depending on the type of cocktail you are serving, rim your glasses with salt, sugar or even cocoa or decorate the outside rim of the glass with a lime or lemon wedge.

Drink markers can make your wedding much more fun and also enhance the look of your cocktail. Drink markers can be small animal characters which hang from the side of the glass and there are some which are made from glass beads that wrap around the base of your glass too.

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