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Phil Wilding

Philip Wilding is a journalist, writer and producer for both radio and TV. He once wrestled Phill Jupitus to the floor, but they soon made up and went on to launch the BBC 6 Music network.

Since then he's maintained his commitment to the larger broadcaster while working alongside both Danny Baker and Kelly in their quest to become the kings of podcasting. They both very much suit ermine. He currently lives in South East London with a cat named after one of the New York Dolls.

What is your favourite dish?

Any kind of Mexican feast, I'm a fiend for it, luckily, it's hard to find good Mexican food in the UK or else I'd be as big as a buffalo. The last time I was in LA they had to wheel me from the restaurant back to the hotel.

What do you feel is your signature dish?

Veggie lasagne, tasty and simple, not unlike me.

How do you relax? Any pass times or hobbies?

I run usually three or four times a week, good thing too considering all
those enchiladas.

What's your foodie weakness?

Cheesecake. I'm working on my second novel and this morning I had a slice of
that and three mugs of tea for breakfast. I'll be going for a run shortly.

What is your motto?

Are you going to finish that cheesecake?

What's for lunch?

Cheese and Marmite on toast. I shared it with the dog.

What's on your plate?

The second novel, Until then the Vintage imprint of Cross Country Murder Song is published on February 3, 2011, new cover and lots of very nice quotes too, if that's your sort of thing.

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