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Paul Zerdin

Arguably, the UK's top ventriloquist, Paul Zerdin and his posse of Sam, Baby and Albert may look cute and cuddly on the outside but when they open their mouths, you're certain to get a taste of their razor sharp tongues. Here Paul lifts the lid on his foodie habits.

What is your favourite dish?

Ostrich Casserole

What do you feel is your signature dish?

Chicken in stout its like a poor mans Coq au Vin.

How do you relax? Any pass times or hobbies?

Tennis and water skiing

What's your foodie weakness?

Apple crumble or anything sweet really

What is your motto?

Live each day as if it were your last, because one day you'll be right!

What's for lunch?

Warm chicken salad

What's on your plate?

I have a 2 week run of my show Paul Zerdin - Sponge Fest coming up at the Edinburgh Festival and then I go on a National UK tour from September. Click here for tourdates

For more information visit Paul's Website: http://www.paulzerdin.com/

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