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Paul Hollywood

He was trained as a sculptor, but lucky for us, decided to turn his hand at baking and is now one of the best known artisan bakers in the UK. But will the dashing Paul Hollywood rise to the occasion (yes, it had to go in somewhere) and reveal what makes him genuinely tick?

What is your favourite dish?

Fillet steak- any sauce with a good chunk of bread.

What do you feel is your signature dish?

My dish or bread is a kentish sour dough filled with roquefort cheese and almonds-delicious!

How do you relax? (apart from kneading dough) Any pass times or hobbies?

Hobbies, flying my remote controlled spitfire over the countryside in Kent and then rebuilding it when I've binned it!

What's your foodie weakness?

Bacon rolls.

What is your motto?

Never ask anyone to do something that your not prepared to do yourself..

What's for lunch?

Pate, cheese and bread.

What's on your plate?

Working on a new BBC series out in the autumn this year, six 1 hour programmes, can't say too much at this stage all secret squirrel you see, I'd have to kill you afterwards.......................

Picture from www.theexclusivechef.com

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