Apricot Nut Dessert

Apricot Nut Dessert

Apricot Nut Dessert – Malai Khumani

Malai Khumani is a popular recipe that was created in the princely southern state of Hyderabad. The sweet tooth of Hyderabadis is legendary. No meal is ever complete without a sweet and this dessert is a favourite at weddings, when the fresh apricot stone’s kernel is removed and used as a garnish. It can be served with cream, custard or ice cream.


Serves 4


50g caster sugar

250g dried apricots, finely chopped

2 drops rose extract or 1 tsp rose water or 1 tsp vanilla extract

200ml double cream, stiffly whipped

50g chopped pistachios


In a heavy-based pan, gently dissolve the sugar in 400ml cold water, stirring occasionally until all the sugar has dissolved. Add 400g of the apricots and simmer for 10-12 minutes. Drain.

Stir the rose extract, water or vanilla extract into the whipped cream. Fold the apricots into cream and spoon into 8 ramekins or serving glasses,

Serve chilled, garnished with the chopped pistachios and the remaining dried apricots.

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