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Baked Beans Balti

Baked Beans Balti

When my mother and father eloped to Britain in the late sixties, they both embraced British culture at a time when Britain was swinging. She came across Baked Beans and used to combine Indian spices to make a quick lunchtime snack for me and my brother when we were kids.

bar Baked Beans Balti
Many Asian households in the UK have their own recipe and I also made this in India for a TV show and they absolutely loved it. Incidentally, Balti does mean bucket. This is a truly quick and comforting dish.

Picture by Werner Van Peppen


2 tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil
1 onion peeled and chopped
1 green chilli, finely chopped
¼ tsp garam masala
¼ tsp ground cumin powder
¼ tsp ground coriander powder
400g/14oz can baked beans


Heat the oil in a small saucepan, then put in the onion. Fry for 1 minute, add the chilli and cook for a couple of minutes, stirring continuously, until the onions begin to turn golden brown. Add the spices and fry for another minute. Add the beans, reduce the heat and cook for 3 minutes. Taste, then season with salt, if necessary. Serve hot with chapatis, naan, pitta bread or just on toast.

Tips: You can substitute mushy peas for the beans.
Add a knob of butter after you've added the beans for a creamier texture.

This recipe is taken from the book Brit Spice published by Penguin.


(c) 2012

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