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How to use ghee - Clarified Butter

The Indian name for clarified butter is the Sanskrit word ‘ghee’. It’s a product made by melting butter and then simmering it long enough to boil off all of the water, thus separating the milk solids and water from the butterfat. The froth at the top is skimmed off leaving at the bottom a clear yellow liquid. The aroma and flavour of clarified butter imparts a distinctive nutty flavour that works well with spices and cooking Indian foods such as preparing biryanis and other rice dishes, sweets and desserts and recipes with vegetables.

Unlike oils, only a little is required when cooking and can be heated to a higher temperature than butter before burning. >One of my favourite uses of clarified butter is smearing a tiny bit on a chapati or unleavened bread. If you don’t have time to prepare clarified butter at home, many supermarkets stock Lurpak Clarified Butter.

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